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Cloud B2B Platform as a Service (PaaS)

I lead the design and user research team at InfluxData where I focus on growing adoption for a technical B2B PaaS cloud product, specifically:
- Defining product strategy and new features through a repeatable design process
- Building out a continuous user research program
- Scaling design experimentation for UX optimization (A/B testing)
- Owning the Design System and front-end REACT framework

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Design Process & System

Create a repeatable design process we call the "Design Cycle" and own the design system called Clockface

Business & Product Strategy

Helping grow revenue from $0 to the first $1m annual recurring revenue and beyond involved lots of high business impact projects like redesigning the input and pricing model for maximum growth.


I led numerous initiative like "Notebooks" in the video below to go beyond traditional formats for data exploration like dashboards, visualizations, and querying interfaces.

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