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Voom, An Airbus Company

iOS App

Voom offers on-demand helicopters in some of the world's most congested cities, including São Paulo and Mexico City. As the Lead Product Designer and Head of Design, I created Voom's first iOS app, including all marketing launch materials from paid ads to the press kit. The iOS app became a major driver of conversion, converting higher than other channels and eventually representing more than 30% of all paid journeys.

Making helicopters as easy as rideshare
Core booking user journey

These actual screenshots from the live app show how I streamlined the booking experience into a few key steps.

UX Goals Met:

  • Allow users to make bookings in 3 taps.

  • Combine the ease of rideshare and the thoroughness of airline booking.

Marketing the app

I monitored app performance and ran creative for the product page, paid ads, search ads, social graphics and press kits to increase utilization and conversion.

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